Pathway to HARMONIA and BEYOND!

We are STOKED to announce the launch of our ONLINE VIRTUAL Volunteer training program, and the opening of our very first virtual class: Level 1 Space Holding. This new virtual training program will make working with Harmonia accessible NATIONWIDE, and it’s all free! We do events from FL, to PA, to St Louis, so wherever you are, there is an opportunity to travel and work!

How it Works

  1. Fill out a Volunteer Application.
    • Finishing the application will also register you as a user on our website.
  2. Once you have finished the application and registered, you will have access to the Level 1 Space Holding training.
  3. All volunteers with Harmonia will need to take and pass this training course in order to be prepared for onsite work.
    • Once passed, you will have attained the status of LEVEL 1 Space Holder.
      It doesn’t take very long and has a lot of information and tools that can be used across disciplines.
  4. Once you have achieved Level 1 Space Holder status, you will have access to the Events Calendar, and can apply for specific events that you are interested in.

Leveling Up and Pathway to Staff Status

Once you have worked an event with us in person, you will be leveled up to Level 2 Space Holder. Level 2 Space Holders will be given priority to be accepted into events. Once you have reached Level 2 and worked at least 2 additional events successfully (success is determined by your site supervisor(s)) and is ranked based on a few factors), new training will become available online: Level 3 Space Holding: Staff Training. Successful completion of Staff Training and satisfactory onsite work (with supervisor sign-off), can then get you paid a stipend to work these events!

Space Holder Volunteer Benefits: Tickets to events

Onsite Staff Benefits: Travel stipends, full meals

So go ahead, get registered, and get started on training today! Email volunteers@harmoniasanctuary, with any questions or concerns! Can’t work onsite but still want to support the harm reduction mission? Become a subscriber!