Harmonia developed out of an expressed need to address an issue within the festival community: the need for a safe decompression space for individuals undergoing difficult emotional experiences. Based out of Asheville, NC, Harmonia seeks to provide harm reduction services via our Decompression Lounge to East Coast and Midwest events and music festivals. Our mission of providing a safe and supportive space for festivals has inspired a vision for what our team can contribute to the community based around what we truly value: self empowerment, educated and intentional decision-making, and community support. We offer a wide range of services outside of our signature sanctuary festival space including event and festival operations, promotions, and décor.

Decompression Lounge

Harmonia is an on-site professional support team and task force that promotes health and safety.

Empowerment through Education

We believe that knowledge is power, and actively promote self care as a preventative and harm-reducing technique.

Decor Services

Harmonia is equipped with a multitude of decorative accoutrements and fabrics, and specialize in spacial design and experiential decor.


What Our Clients Say

Tipper and Friends Events

Tipper and Friends Events

"Harmonia is our go to essential in facing up to the very real concerns of harm reduction and avoidance for the audience that seeks exploration in an overly intense way. They create an environment of great peace and relaxation, not just physically , but more importantly - metaphysically and spiritually. The importance of this should never be lost on an event promoter."

Taylor Pearon

Taylor Pearon

Co Producer of Kinnection campout

"Having Harmonia at our event allowed for a more appropriate delegation of our human resources, so that our medic and security teams could stay alert and active on the ground while the Harmonia team could tend to the cases that required more long-term emotional support. The team remained in high spirits in the face of whatever came to them, and participants who engaged with the space & team provided positive feedback around its positive impact on their own personal experience. Needless to say, Harmonia is providing this community with a much-needed and long-awaited service that will create a more cohesive, harmonious experience for individuals and the collective alike."

Anthony Thogmartin

Anthony Thogmartin


"Live music events can get very intense. Thanks to safe zones like Harmonia, venues and festivals can rest assured that individuals seeking a peaceful place for peace of mind can find it before subsequent silliness ensues."

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